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TaylorMade Styling

Whatever your style is, take it to the next level with TaylorMade, Trish’s Signature personal styling package. With finesse and compassion, Trish will help you turn your closet from a space of anxiety to a source of power in your life.

You are frustrated every time you even look in the direction of your closet. It’s full of clothes but you still feel like you have nothing to wear! There are items with tags still attached because they just never felt, right.

You feel self-conscious when you look in the mirror, not happy with the way you look. Life would be easier, if you could only lose ten pounds, grow two inches and have perfect hair… (I get it supermodels look like they have it easy).

You get overwhelmed while shopping, there are so many clothes out there but seems to be NOTHING that looks and feels great on you!

I am here to help you develop your signature style. When your style reflects who you authentically are… your confidence will skyrocket. Forget about how easy getting dressed for an important meeting will be, but imagine the confidence you will feel walking into that meeting knowing that you are the perfect reflection of your brand, purpose and personality.

As your style evolves so will the relationships in your personal and professional life. You will start to see an incredible ripple effect when you feel like the best possible version of yourself.

What you’ll get: