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Three Ways to Wear : Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a staple in my closet but they can be a little intimidating. There is definite uncertainty on how to style them. Some of us are nervous to put on our first pair of leather leggings. Are you wondering if they too rock-in-roll? Are they too shinny? Am I too old? No, no…
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5 Tricks to Stay Stylish On The Go

Some days it feels impossible to get out the door on time. The last thing on your mind is looking your best, I totally get it. We have all had those crazy hectic mornings, when nothing seems to go your way. Well, with the right tricks up your sleeve there is no reason to actually…
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Three Ways to Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

These are quit possibly my most versatile pair of jeans. If you have not already invested in a pair of boyfriend jeans… make sure to put them on your list! No matter how you wear this androgynous wardrobe staple the effects will make you feel effortlessly stylish. We can all achieve that whole model-off-duty vibe with these jeans…
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The Sweater Guide: No More Stretched Collars, Sleeves, or Shoulders

It is finally sweater weather. We have waited a while for winter to set in, and now that it finally has, I plan to take full advantage of its sweater-wearing potential. But if it’s been a while since you have worn your favorite sweaters you may have forgotten just how high maintenance they can be. I…
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3 Ways a Personal Stylist Can Make Your Life Easier

If you had plumbing problems, you would hire a plumber right? Right, that’s a no brainer…unless you have a husband who likes to tinker… but chances are you’ll still be calling the plumber after you’ve tried and failed to fix it on your own. So if you find yourself struggling to get dressed up for…
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Three Ways to Wear : Distressed Denim

It is easy enough to throw on a cute T-shirt with your favorite distressed jeans but what if you want to dress them up? Unsure how to make your tattered jeans look polished? No problem, here are a few ways to easily transition your casual denim into a stylish outfit for any occasion.  Denim // Blouse Pair…
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