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"Both the closet consultation and the personal shopping sessions were eye-opening and Trish was so enjoyable. How she was able to pull the right size in each cut was amazing to me – I’ve always had to pull multiple sizes for each piece because I never knew how it would fit and this saved so much time. I learned a lot and felt like I was able to hone in better on what kind of style I want for myself going forward. I love the pieces I got and Trish was great. Great guidance. I felt that as I started to understand more about the style I wanted, Trish adapted and pulled things more in line with that aesthetic as it developed."

Naomi, Commercial Real Estate Broker

"Trish is an amazing person, a professional and an excellent stylist. I needed a total closet makeover and Trish’s first mission was to audit my closet. She suggested to get rid of some items, proposed to keep other pieces, showed me how to style different pieces together, and made sure I tailored some others so everything could fit better and look great. Trish then wrote down a list of items that I needed so that I could have a complete wardrobe and much more varieties. We first started shopping at Bloomingdales. Trish recommends a department store since they provide you with more options (especially on your first shopping trip). We bought several casual pieces (such as jeans, sweaters, blouses, jackets) which I totally needed. Casual but chic/elegant. She also picked some beautiful dresses for the day, church events, as well as cocktail dresses. We then went to Macy’s and bought beautiful accessories, shoes and more clothing items. On a second trip, we went to Nordstrom and Trish selected more amazing pieces. We did go to a couple of small stores/boutiques as well. All the pieces she picked looked just amazing on me! They are fabulous, elegant and timeless pieces. Trish has such a great taste and can easily determine what looks best on you. She also responds promptly to my texts (sometimes I would text her and ask her about her opinion on certain outfits). She’s always on time. Great to work with. I’m incredibly grateful that I met Trish and I’m looking forward to continue working with her."

Sally Armonious, Engineer

"I was in desperate need of a work wardrobe update and Trish came in and saved the day. She helped me pick out a few staples that would work well with items I already own as well as a few versatile pieces that I can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. She listened to what I wanted and also picked out a few pieces that were outside of my ‘comfort zone’ that I ended up loving! She does not get offended if you try something and don’t like it, instead she works with you to find the perfect style for you. Highly recommended and I will definitely be seeking her assistance in the future :)"

Samantha VonVoigt, Hospitality Director

"It was so awesome!!! Trish was super helpful and I was 100+ % satisfied!! I would go with Trish if I need a personal stylist again. She was very professional, advised me in diverse ways, but respected my opinions at the same time!! I found every item I needed – from suits to accessories. I got basic and lovely colors of pants, tops, blazers, and such a beautiful yellow bag, silver necklace and earrings. Fancy shoes, too. We stayed on budget, but I got a variety of looks that I can wear to work functions. I would never have found these items without Trish’s help."

Hannah, Teacher

"It was a long day but it was a fun one! Trish made it so easy and I had a lot of fun trying new things on. The whole experience was great. The closet consultation went well; we did end up donating most of what I had (especially my shoes), but it was really useful to see what pieces were still salvageable. I asked Trish to be really honest and let me know if any of my closet items should never be worn in public. As for the shopping trip, it was a blast! Trish definitely got me out of my comfort zone, and at the start of the day I kept thinking everything looked too tight on me, but by the end of the day I was the one asking “aren’t these pants too baggy?” I thought everything she picked out looked great on me, and the day went by so fast; I definitely had an awesome time, and would love to do another shopping trip with her! I love the clothes I ended up with, I feel great in my new wardrobe and when I wore some of the new things out this weekend, I got lots of compliments from my friends. Thanks again for everything!"

Hardy, Internet Start Up

"It was honestly more than I could have hoped for; Trish was amazing and we got along swimmingly. I love the clothes I bought and enjoyed every minute of the shopping experience. I was quick to try on clothes and she was great in managing me, the retail process, and she found beautiful items that I never would have purchased on my own. She’s polite, proficient and really fun."

Corie, Corporate HR Director