Discover your style goals and commit to only wearing clothes you love!

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Small Business Owner

“Figuring out my style with Trish was totally like therapy session, style therapy! She helped me work through some of my insecurities and showed me how to actually dress my body! Because of my new wardrobe, I feel amazing and have never felt more confident in both my professional and personal life. I had no idea how much a polished outfit could affect my confidence with clients. I have been more active in front of the camera, on social media and feel like I’ve never looked better!”

Staci Harper

"I have never felt more confident and pampered. I was in awe, of the red-carpet treatment I received with Trish. For the first time in my life I have clothes that I love and that fit me perfectly. I have a photoshoot this weekend and can’t wait to show off on camera!"


Online Marketing

“I used to struggle with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. I am in recovery and learning to love my body just the way it is, right now. I really connected with Trish’s message and immediately knew I could trust her. She explained that her process was organic and she would let me tell her what I feel comfortable wearing, there was no hidden agenda, just pure support and amazing clothes! I have never had so many clothes that I love before. I own my own business and always felt a little judged at these big events I have to attend, now, I know I look the part and have never felt more confident!”

Three Super-easy, Look Amazing Right Now, Style Tips for Every Body Type! 

You’ve only got one body lady, and let me just tell you how magical it is! You are gorgeous!! I’m not just saying that! You, really are… but sometimes we have a hard time seeing ourselves in the same loving way our friends do! We can be so critical of our bodies that it can really affect our self confidence.

I want you to love the body you have right now! Just as it is - lumps, bumps, freckles, and all! I use these three simple, easy to follow style rules with myself and every single client. These are three of the quickest AND easiest things you can do to feel like the best version of yourself right away. I will teach you how to dress your shape at any size and help you love what you see in the mirror!


Step One: Highlight Your Waist!

The first one is, Highlight your waist. Draw attention to the smallest part of your frame. This is normally near your belly button… or maybe right under your bust. By highlighting your waist you create a proportionate silhouette… Don’t worry of you don’t have Marilyn Monroe status curves to achieve this! By allowing the eye to focus on your waist, this little trick detracts attention from the larger parts of our figure givings us that classic hourglass, proportionate shape.


Step Two: Wear a V- Shaped Something…

Wearing V-shapes draw attention to your beautiful face! This could be a V-neck blouse, stitching or color blocking on a dress or even as simple as wearing a statement long necklace. That elongated V-shape draws the eye up towards your face, elongating your entire figure, making you feel like long, lean, stylista.

Step Three: Layer, Layer, Layer!

Adding a third piece to your outfit, whether it's a long cardigan, vest, blazer or coat, makes your outfit appear more well thought out and stylish. It’s just one more item, but it elevates your entire outfit. In addition to making you appear effortlessly chic, this outer layer has an additional slimming effect. When worn open, the column like draping and color blocking effect make us appear more narrow. This lengthening trick helps us feel trimmer even on our most bloated days.

Are you ready to finally love what you see in the mirror and feel worthy of all the love and success you deserve? I want you to love what you wear and get what you want! Sign up for The Style Diary: An Intuitive Style Guide.  This diary experience is designed to provide clarity, confidence and allow you to create a signature style that is authentic to your personality and lifestyle.

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Discover your style goals and commit to only wearing clothes you love!