Back to Basics: How to Establish a Wardrobe Baseline

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Back to Basics: How to Establish a Wardrobe Baseline

If standing in the front of your closet… staring… lost in a daze of confusion, drowning in a closet full of ho-hum choices sounds familiar, then lady, I’ve got a solution for you!

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to purchase items out of pure desperation… you know, when you’re going to a last-minute event, traveling or you’ve just been too busy to worry about finding the perfect outfit for your best friends shower… I get it! Life gets a little crazy sometimes! You don’t need the added stress of hunting and gathering your wardrobe!

When we shop without a plan… we end up with the first thing that doesn’t look completely awful in that terrible fitting room lighting and just blinding hand over our credit cards for something that you might get one or two wears out of.

Sometimes you could get lucky and find that diamond in the rough… but most of the time, when your shopping out of desperation, you fill up your wardrobe with a bunch of one hit wonders that don’t play nicely with the rest of your closet!

That’s where the staring… lost in a daze, headache provoking task of getting dressed in the morning begins…

I’m not too proud to say that I’ve been where you’re standing now! YUP! I get caught in the sultry trap of fast fashion… it can just, SUCK. YOU. IN! It’s like quicksand before you know it, you’re lost in a sea of clothes that aren’t quite right for you! That’s why we need a plan… establishing a Wardrobe Baseline can alleviate so much of your fashion frustrations!


A Baseline Wardrobe is like a delicious salad (*I’m about to get deep lol…I hope you like salad), you’ve got some crisp romaine, fresh spinach, and mayyyybe a little kale, a perfect base of healthy green goodness… once you have your greens you can add just about anything you want to it… if you’re feeling a little zesty, add some carrots or maybe some fresh berries if you’re feeling a little adventurous! You could even turn it into a juice!

Are you rolling your eyes… it’s ok, I know salad isn’t everyone’s jam… but I was just painting a picture, if your wardrobe base is versatile you can wear anything with it!

I want you to have a wardrobe base that allows you to transition seamlessly from season to season. As you are moving from Summer into Fall… or Winter to Spring, we have a tough time caught in the in-between! You know… that in-between time, when it’s still 90 degrees but Target is already displaying Halloween decorations!

You Wardrobe Baseline should consist of pieces you can wear all year round. Items that fit your body type and lifestyle to a “T”. Many of the pieces should be neutral, allowing for a cohesive mix-and-match potential!

So imagine with me, you have a closet full of clothing that makes you feel beautiful, polished and confident… and you achieved this closet zen in only one shopping trip! WOW! Are you thinking that would be a dream come true… how do I really get this done?

I’ll tell you! If you invested your time planning for the things you will need on a daily basis and purchase quality items that will last throughout daily wear you will have a closet full of reliable pieces and will have curated a one of a kind style all of your own!

By establishing a base wardrobe you will save; time – shopping only once,  money – *investing little more (maybe initially) but on something that will hold up, so you won’t have to buy it again, and the frustration of getting dressed in the morning by investing in pieces that fit you well and go with everything!

As you transition into a new season, you’ll no longer be shopping for necessity, you’ve already got items that fit into your life perfectly… you’ll only have to add in pieces that make you excited for the coming months! For Fall and Winter add more jewel tones and rich colors to your neutral wardrobe base. Textured coats, chunky scarves, and stylish hats are an easy addition and require minimal investment! Invest in quality wardrobe basics and you’ll never break the bank on trendy fast fashion again!

Each season you’ll have a capsule wardrobe made up of pieces that you actually want to wear over and over again! Your neutral base will allow you to mix and match effortlessly to create countless outfits for every season!

Are you ready to build a wardrobe that’s right for you, Download a FREE copy of the Wardrobe Baseline Guide today!






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