The Sweater Guide: No More Stretched Collars, Sleeves, or Shoulders

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The Sweater Guide: No More Stretched Collars, Sleeves, or Shoulders

It is finally sweater weather. We have waited a while for winter to set in, and now that it finally has, I plan to take full advantage of its sweater-wearing potential. But if it’s been a while since you have worn your favorite sweaters you may have forgotten just how high maintenance they can be.

I had lost too many great sweaters to pilling, shedding and stretching, before I changed my care tactics, let me share my favorite tricks with you! Here are a few tips to keep your sweaters perfect for the rest of the season.

How to Care for your Sweater

The first step in preventing pilling and misshapen sweaters is too follow proper care instructions. They are really very easy, just keep in mind that they are a delicate material, so that means you will have the best results if you wash them in cold water, on the gentle cycle, inside out. Dry on the delicate setting or if possible, lay flat to dry to prevent pilling and shrinking.

Pills show up on the most worn part of the sweater, so even if you take all the aforementioned precautions, there is a good chance you may have some pilling on the arms and side body of the sweater. Not to worry, you can take a small pair of scissors to your sweater and cut off the individual pills.

Prevent your Sweater from Shedding

Do you shy away from wearing fuzzy sweaters? I get it, they shed, out of control sometimes! It can leave traces all over your outfit, house, and office.

If you’ve ever experienced the same problem, there is a simple solution. Put the sweater in a sealable bag and place it in the freezer overnight. The coldness “locks in” the short fibers and stops them from shedding.

How to Store your Sweater

Have you ever noticed those little shoulder bumps on your sweater? No matter how you adjust it on your body you can’t make them go away… it’s your hanger. It can be tempting to hang your sweaters, it is easy to see them and keeps them better organized but if you don’t hang them correctly gravity will pull them down causing the delicate fibers to stretch out of shape.

Dedicate a spot on your shelf to keep them neatly folded to prevent those unfortunate shoulder bumps. Or try hanging them like this:

sweater-folding-8 Now you can breath easy, get cozy, and throw on a sweater! Enjoy!




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