No Need for your Stretchy Pants: How to Make Room for Your Thanksgiving Feast, Dressed in Style

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No Need for your Stretchy Pants: How to Make Room for Your Thanksgiving Feast, Dressed in Style

The holidays are officially upon us. How did that happen so quick… I think our hot Southern California weather had me in denial. But with Thanksgiving around the corner with the promise of delicious comfort foods and endless boardgames with the family… I am officially in the holiday spirit!

Thanksgiving is synonymous with family, catching up with old friends, and of course posing for pictures. But my favorite part (like everyone else’s) is the food, sampling all of my Thanksgiving dinner favorites. The last thing I want to worry about is concealing my food baby for an impromptu family photo.

So here is the dilemma, look cute in an extra special outfit and feel uncomfortable as soon as the bloating sets in or wear stretchy pants and feel guilt free about heading back for seconds. Well…. what is we could have our “pumpkin pie” and eat it too!


Instead of feeling frustrated, just take a second to think about your favorite outfit. The one you feel the most comfortable and confident in! Chances are it’s a T-shirt and jeans , a favorite dress, or if your like me a big cozy sweater. Instead of totally reinventing your look just try to take it up a notch.

Choose comfortable material and accessories to create a more flattering silhouette. Here are a few tips to help you feel your best on Thanksgiving.

Jeans and a T-shirt:

Wear Dark Denim, you can dress them up and they create a more elongating effect than distressed denim. Wear a cool graphic Tee and pair it with a satin bomber or a velvet blazer. Don’t forget about the shoes…have fun with them… chances are you’ll be sitting most of the day so live it up and slip on your super sexy high heals. Sky high heals can help dress up a casual Tee.


Wear something with a pattern or texture. These details will draw the eyes attention and keep you feeling comfortable all day long. Choose a flowy material like chiffon in a flattering silhouette. A dress can be an awesome answer to your holiday wardrobe woes. You can dress them up or down, wear them long or short, with flats or heals…really almost anything goes.

Cozy Sweater:

A sweater can be the perfect fall look but it can be a struggle to dress it up. Add a collared shirt and leather leggings and you will look effortlessly chic with maximum comfort! Or step it up with skinny denim and thigh high boots. Both looks look great and feel even better!


Take your favorite outfit to the next level and heads will turn!

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy all your family and festivities in comfortable style.


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