How to get Timeless Style: It’s Easier than You Think

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How to get Timeless Style: It’s Easier than You Think

Listen guys, I am far from a size two and definitely do not have the “ideal” body type, but when styling myself and my clients there are a few things that I always keep in mind to create a timeless look.

The first thing I will tell you is to love your body and embrace your shape the way it is. No matter what your size is, these rules will keep you showing up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself.


First, and most importantly, don’t stress about the size on the tag.

Don’t judge clothing by the size, instead, notice the fit of the fabrics and the silhouette it creates for your body. The ideal body type is a proportionate figure, it’s pretty rare to come by naturally ;), but can be achieved through clothing.

Clothing is not one size fits all. These sizes all vary depending on designer, fabric, quality…the list goes on. Use your size as a reference but don’t sweat it if you fluctuate from time to time. Buy what fits you in that moment, because chances are, the better you look the better you will feel.

If you don’t have a tailor, get one!

Your tailor should be your best friend, the first person you call in a wardrobe crisis. They will fit the clothing to YOUR body.

My body type is “bigger on the bottom”. My hips and booty are at least a size bigger than my waist. No big deal, to make sure there is no pulling or stretching in my clothing, I buy the size that fits the biggest part of me and I tailor the rest to fit me! We are far less likely to notice a couple of extra pounds if the garment fits properly and isn’t busting at the seems.

Invest in good undergarments.

Good lingerie has the power to transform you. Not only does it make you feel like you have a dirty little secret but proper fitting undergarments will make your clothing lay flatter. We all dread that moment when your admiring your outfit in the mirror, only to turn to the side to see rolls. Chances are, you just need to upgrade your bra. No matter what size you are, we are all susceptible to a bad bras. The elasticity digs in and and causes unwanted ripples. Opt for a thicker more comfortable band.

There are different types of undergarments for all your needs. No one wants to see panty lines! Try seamless. Or if you need a little extra support try shape wear. It will make the world of difference.

Get the length right.

It’s important your pants don’t drag on the ground. The right length will make you look longer and leaner. Check out my  Guide to a Better Hem Length for more details.

Balance your proportion.

What do I mean by this? Because we are striving to achieve this proportionate shape, you need to balance your top to your bottom. There are different principle for each body type but the basic rule is to create visual interest where you are lacking volume. For example, because I have a “bigger on the bottom” shape, I create visual interest on the top half of my body. I often wear a deep V-neck or fitted blazer to draw attention up and create a more proportionate look.

Add a statement piece.

A long coat, scarf or jewelry can instantly transform your ensemble. Adding a bold statement can elevate your outfit with very little effort. Here are a few more tips to stay Stylish On The Go.

Pick the right shoes.

Nude pumps and pointy toed shoes can do wonders for your legs. They elongate your body by drawing the eye in a continuous line along your legs.

Quality over quantity.

This goes for your entire wardrobe. Invest in timeless pieces made with quality and you will notice a huge difference in fit and longevity. Here are a few pieces to spurge on :

  • A  Great Handbag
  • A Chic Leather Jacket
  • A Bad Ass Power Suit
  • A Pair of Sexy Stilettos

When in doubt, wear black.

It’s fool proof. Everything matches and you will look oh so chic.


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