Stuck in a Style Rut? Heres How To Look Good and Feel Even Better!

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Stuck in a Style Rut? Heres How To Look Good and Feel Even Better!

So if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t like your clothing…


You have no clue what the heck to wear on a daily basis and feel frustrated every time you get dressed in the morning! Shopping overwhelms you… not because you don’t like all the pretty new things, but because you have no idea what looks good on your body and what exactly to wear to your next big event. So what’s your solution… hope the style gods smile upon you and miracle happens or you just avoid shopping altogether!


I’m talking avoiding the mall like the plague… or walking into that terrible fitting room lighting armed with holy water… because if you have to endure one more awful fitting room with clothes that make your eyes roll in dissatisfaction, you will most definitely, scream!


Sound familiar? YOU are not alone!


Over 85% of women feel like clothes just don’t work for their body! 85%… might as well be 100! Literally, thousands of women feel like there is something wrong with THEM… “my size is too big”, “my body is weird”, “it doesn’t look right on me” or  “it just doesn’t feel like me”.


If you’re being honest with yourself, I’m sure you’ve muttered one if not all of these little phrases under your breath while bathed in the aforementioned horrendous fitting room lighting?


Yeah, me too! I told you, YOU are not alone!


You have to get dressed every day, it’s something that we all do… so why are we all so fashionably frustrated?


We blame ourselves. Every morning we look in the mirror and greet our image with dissatisfaction… if I was just 15 lbs lighter, if I just looked like {insert fav celeb here}, or thank goodness my kid is an absolute angle because, dang it, they did a number on me!


Our bodies are so different, not one of us is the same, and that’s a pretty miraculous thing! Your body is beautiful. Your body tells a story of your strength, resiliency, and courage! You are one of a kind, and absolutely worthy of clothing that fits!


And I’m not just talking finally fitting your body! I ’m talking, lifestyle and personality too! Your clothes should feel like YOU! Your style should be an extension of yourself! Your wardrobe should support your goals and make you feel like the best version of yourself!



Every woman’s shape is completely unique and beautiful but we expect clothing to be one size fits all and blame ourselves when something is too tight, or not quite right. Let me just tell you right now – it is not you, it’s the clothes!


It’s no wonder that we feel overwhelmed when we are getting dressed every morning, you have a closet full of clothes you don’t like to wear!  And it all comes down to the type of shopper you are!


In my, over ten years of personal styling experience, working with women just like you, I’ve found, you are your own worst critic! And, the way you tackle your least favorite task (shopping!) has a direct correlation to how you show up in the world! So whether you realize it yet or not, YOU are the only one standing in your way of a less frustrating wardrobe!


There are three types of shoppers… let me break it down for you!


I want to empower you to dress the body you have right now and start owning the metaphorical (or maybe not) stage! You are worthy of attention and deserve to feel good in your clothes every day!


As you read on… which shopping style resonates with you? Notice which one has you cringing because you’ve finally realized… uh, oh, now what?!



The ‘Intentional Shopper’: The woman who knows what she needs and goes out and conquers her shopping list! (You are a woman after my own heart!)


You know how to prioritize, and get the job done! No time wasted – you know the brands, styles, cuts, and materials that work for you! In fact, you have your wardrobe so dialed in, all you need to focus on is wardrobe maintenance. You just make a list and fill in the gaps when necessary!


No, not you? Don’t stress, don’t stop reading… if this isn’t describing you… don’t worry! This level of shopping accuracy takes time to master young padawan (but you can get there – I’ll be your style Yoda, to your  Luke Style-walker). The next two might be more relatable



Second, the ‘Easily Influenced Shopper’: You get overwhelmed with the seasonal trends and can’t tell exactly why you like what you’re trying on… is it because it was a cute outfit on the mannequin or because you actually feel good in it? Well, the sales associate said it looked good, so can you trust her… right, right?!? So, you end up sending photos of each outfit from various angles to friends and family and allow them to be judge and jury of your next department store purchase!


You have no clue what you really like, and never really know if you look good or not… so you rely on the opinions of others to help you get through this treacherous task!


But when you get home your head is in such a daze, you have no idea what YOU actually like and what you’re supposed to like… because you were so removed from the experience. So when you go to get dressed every day there’s no wonder your experiencing that dramatic ordeal all over again… “Does this really look good? Should I even wear this today?”…   



And finally, the ‘Last Minute, Panic Shopper’: You know who you are… I’ve even been guilty of this a time or two. You know… you’re a busy woman, and shopping is pretty low on the priority list, so you convince yourself you’ll find something for the last minute baby shower, wedding, graduation or business event – except it’s not really so last minute, is it? You’ve known about it for months, you’ve just been dreading finding something to wear and have been blaming your busy schedule for not figuring it out sooner!


So you leave it up to chance and go into panic mode. Whatever the store has, that looks halfway decent, that’s what you’re leaving with! A little too tight, a little too big, the wrong color or style… you tell yourself… “well, it’s not my fault I don’t look perfect, the store had NOTHING for me”!


When you hit the mall the night before an event you end up buying clothes out of desperation… that’s just a recipe for a fashion disaster! You have to ask yourself, are you really too busy to start looking for something that fits, (you know, before the eve of the event) or are you afraid that you won’t find anything you actually like because you have tried and failed before…   


So, can you relate to any of these shopping habits? I see your head nodding! But the real question is, why do you shop this way?


Chances are… you find yourself in the overwhelming 85% of women who don’t like the way clothes look on their bodies. Not to worry, I have a few style tricks up my sleeve to make your next trip to the mall (or your favorite online retailer) more fun and less frustrating!






Get your mind right! Let’s be real.. you’ve been dealing with these feelings of fashion frustration for years! Blaming yourself because those jeans were too tight, is a pretty well-formed habit!


The fact is, we can be our own worst critic and most of the time, every day things like; shopping, getting dressed, or even looking in the mirror can cause feelings insecurity. No matter what you put on your body if you don’t feel confident and worthy… you won’t like anything you’re wearing. Radiant style starts from within. Your style should reflect your personality, energy, and goals – so what happens while you’re beating yourself up in the fitting room? Your excitement for something new totally takes a dive, it’s no wonder we leave with nothing – you’re literally not in the mood to find anything you like!


I can’t tell you how many clients I have worked who just aren’t ready to like anything they try on… this has so much more to do with our body image than we realize in the moment.


The way you speak to yourself matters. Start to reframe the negative thoughts about your body and remember, YOU are never the problem. YOUR body is beautiful the way it is… and you deserve to feel worthy of great style!



Clothing is not one size fits all! Have you ever tried on two garments that are the exact same size but one fit completely differently… yup, it’s best you know now, the designers are all in on it… it’s a huge conspiracy… they are trying to slowly drive us craaaaaaazy, one pair of jeans at a time! I’m just kidding, but it sure seems that way, doesn’t it! So what’s up with the size discrepancies and why can’t it all just be easier???


The real answer, who knows! Every designer has a slightly different size pattern, the materials used in the garment make a difference and their designs are based on their ideal client… yes! A concept we all get! As we niche down in our business to create products or services for our dream clients, so do they! That particular designer might not be designing clothing with your shape in mind.


So, I just have to ask you… has anything really, and I mean, really good come easily? Well, the same is true for finding clothes that fit like perfection! It takes a little trial and error to find the designer or brand that you love to wear… but once you do, it’s like a match made in style heaven! So how do you find the right designer or brand? It’s not like there’s for the perfect jeans, although, I am a pretty good resource ;)!  


The best way to find clothing you LOVE, is to dress the body you have right now! That’s it! Don’t let your decisions be ruled by the number you see on the tag… every item is built differently… Your body is one of kind, clothing isn’t one size fits all!


Finding your dream brands is possible! You don’t need to fit into every mold… I know for a fact you pride yourself on standing out, going after your big goals and forging an unknown path for yourself! Don’t limit yourself to a confined fashion box!  Stop hiding away under tent-like clothing or squeezing into the size you wish you were… Wearing clothes that fit your body properly will make you look leaner and feel more comfortable! And you know… when you look good you feel good!




Here’s the real truth bomb… to have a signature style that is memorable and authentic, to finally shop without frustration and to get dressed every morning with ease, you have to show up for yourself, follow through, and make style goals!


That’s right, I know you’re a planner… you make goals for your business growth and personal development, well your style should reflect all that hard work! Your outward appearance is a visual projection of your biggest goals! It’s time to start dressing for the life you want to have!


Style is a way to say who you are without even speaking… the message you are sending with your clothing is a direct reflection of your personality, lifestyle, and goals. Do you approve of the message you are sending? Is it aligned with your biggest dreams?


Align your thoughts and desires with the image you are projecting. If you want to connect with potential clients on a more authentic level – you have to represent yourself in a way that encourages engagement and openness. Is your style aligned with your mission and vision for your life? If a potential romantic partner, client or new friend saw you today, right now, would they get a sense of the kind of person you are… just by looking at you? Or are you giving off all the wrong vibes…


Your clothing says a lot about you, no wonder it can be a source of our daily frustration. I worked hard to create a resource that could help you wade through the trenches of bad fashion and truly discover a more comfortable and confident style!


If you are ready to get out of that style rut and start dressing with intention, to leave all your fashion fears in the dust… I would love to invite you to join the Style Diary Challenge! I will teach you how to let it go (insert dramatic Frozen soundtrack HERE) and we’ll start breaking your bad style habits together! It is a five-step journey to looking good and feeling even better!



YOU will learn all my epic style secrets so you can start to trust your own judgment! I want you to love what you’re wearing and ask for the life you want!!


If you are ready to LOVE what you see in the mirrorClick Here to Join the FREE 5-Day **Style Diary** Challenge. Get on the waiting list and join me LIVE for a style experience that will change the way you shop forever! You are one step closer to looking good and feeling even better every day!

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