Say Bye-Bye to Buyers Remorse

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Say Bye-Bye to Buyers Remorse

So… you can stop feeling so guilty about shopping, NOW! We all love to stay up to date and current with the cutest and ever fading fashion trends, right? Do you ever stop and look around your closet and realize you’ve become a hoarder? It is ok, I repeat OK, to cycle out old trends that you will/should never wear again. Don’t feel guilty about starting fresh! Your last season’s trends can benefit so many deserving people!

If you don’t already have a have an organization you like to support, let me tell you about one that is very close to my heart. Working Wardrobes empowers men, women, veterans and young adults overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency.

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Not only does Working Wardrobes offer job coaching and certifications, they also assist their clients by dressing them for an interview. We all know that first impressions mean A LOT, so to be gifted with an appropriate and well put together interview outfit can definitely give someone a leg up!

An article from Planet Aid reported that, on average, Americans decide to get rid of about 70 pounds of textiles each year, with 85 percent of our old duds ending up in a landfill. When in doubt, DONATE! Even your oldest most tattered clothes will be reallocated by organizations like Working Wardrobes for recycling!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of styling a group of Working Wardrobes inspiring clients. They have overcome tremendous hardships at such a young age. They are apart of a continuation program that is ensuring hope for their future.

Working wardrobe clientsThis program partnered with Working Wardrobes and their volunteer stylists to create a personalized shopping experience that taught them the basics of dressing for SUCCESS!

All of the Volunteers took great care to listen to the concerns of each client and guide them towards a versatile selection that they can be proud to show off! Each participant received a suit, blouse/dress shirt, shoes and three accessories of their choice (belt, tie, purse, jewelry, ext.)

I am thrilled to have been apart of such a beautiful experience. Not only did I learn more about the mission of this company, but I also enjoyed getting to know each of their clients. I hope the small role I played will give them confidence in any future job seeking endeavors!

Here is just one of many touching client testimonies;

“Sometimes words are so inadequate no matter how eloquent, sophisticated or elaborate they may be. The clothes were way more than I anticipated and greatly appreciated, but they were not the gift. After literally living on the streets, filthy and restless, being looked down upon because of my appearance I felt at times less than human. Thank you for how you received me, how you treated me, spoke to me, for how you served me and embraced me. Your human touch and acceptance were healing balm to my most innermost hurts. Thank you!!!” – Jose V.

If anyone feels interested in donating or volunteering for Working Wardrobes please take a look at their website. There are so many different capacities to affect change in our community! Give our old clothes a second life, no shirt left behind!

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