It’s Not YOU, It’s the Clothes: Change Your Shopping Mindset

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It’s Not YOU, It’s the Clothes: Change Your Shopping Mindset

It’s not you, it’s…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, that’s how every sad breakup starts. But, really, it’s time realize that some clothes are just not right for you… it’s time to gently let them go and break up for good!

Why do we keep making these same disastrous fashion mistakes…. It’s because clothes are not one size fits all. Too many of us beat ourselves up when we can’t fit into our “ideal” size. Let me shatter the preverbal fitting room mirror and shed some light on this situation!

Don’t Stress About the Number on the Tag

Many brands make size patterns differently. They each have different body types in mind as they are designing. For example, J Brand jeans fit more snuggly than Good American jeans because of their unique denim blends. I guarantee you won’t be the same size in these two brands. In J Brand you will likely need to go up a size because they are cut slimmer. As opposed to the curvy cut Good American jeans, that you will have to go down a size for a truer fit because of the stretch. The lesson here is, don’t worry about what the tag says because each brand will be slightly different.

Buy the right size for your body, not the number you think it should be. You HAVE to feel comfortable in your clothes! Otherwise, you might find yourself hiding out in a corner, feeling pinched and unattractive. Or, maybe you never even wear them, they just hang in the closet with their tags still attached.

I am completely guilty of this. I think we have all fallen victim to the wearing the wrong size at some point. I’m familiar will the uncomfortable feeling of readjusting a waistband or tugging at a sleeve because something doesn’t fit quite right. I have felt insecure about the size I was trying on. But it is so important to wear something that fits comfortably and slims your figure instead of being stuffed into clothes that are too tight. When something is too small it actually draws more negative attention.

Instead of focusing on the size, FOCUS on your body!

How does your body look? How does it feel? Can you sit comfortably? Can you imagine eating a meal in it, just saying…

Make sure you are not spilling over the waistband of pants or jackets don’t feel tight in the shoulder blades.

When you find the right garments with the right fit all that negative self-talk goes out the fitting room door! When you look good, you feel good. You’ll exude confidence and command a room!

Now go put something beautiful on!

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