How to Spice Up Your Corporate Wardrobe: Get Out of Your Fashion Rut

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How to Spice Up Your Corporate Wardrobe: Get Out of Your Fashion Rut





We can all feel the drag from and uninspiring wardrobe. Wearing the same over worn, black trousers and faded cardigan can put a real damper on your creative genius. No matter what you do during your 9-5, you NEED to fuel that passion and prove that you are an essential member of your team! Confidence is a key ingredient to your success.

Believe it or not, your wardrobe can be very instrumental in how you see yourself and in the confidence you exude. Stop hiding your (insert your *best* quality HERE) talent and voice behind a drab exterior. Make your presence known! Be too bold for them to ignore!

Here’s how to amp up your style at work:

  • Incorporate seasonal trends. Velvet, lace, crop tops and leather can absolutely find there place into a professional work wardrobe. Layer these trendy options with with more conservative pieces. **Example** Wear your crop top over a classic white button up blouse.
  • This should go without saying…. but make sure your clothes are clean. Nothing kills your awesome relationship with coworkers faster than a musky smelling blouse or stained trousers.
  • Snazz up your shoe selection. There are more and more options available for those of us who enjoy style and comfort.
  • Don’t be afraid of a pencil skirt. If you are concerned about your legs, try a sheer or patterned tight to smooth their appearance.
  • Trade in your plain black blazer for a different color or shape.
  • Finally, accessorize. Even if you only manage to put on a classic stud it will polish your entire look!

Go get ’em! Get started tomorrow and see the changes start happening!

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  1. Karen Larsen says:

    Love the southwest inspired jacket! Beautiful details! Such a flattering cut and pattern! Where do I get one?

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