Never Look #Basic in All Black Again

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Never Look #Basic in All Black Again





trish-taylor-leopard-jacket-5 Jacket: Topshop (Under $100) // Denim: HM (Under $50) // Backpack: Zara

Black is pretty much a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. We gravitate to our all black pieces for so many reasons…black makes us feel more slender, it matches everything and can be worn anywhere! Well, you’re not alone, I am guilty of wearing far too much black as well.

An all-black outfit can create a chic statement, especially when you are rushing to stay stylish on the go.But by adding a statement piece to your all-black ensemble you add some visual interest that tricks everyone else into thinking that you spent hours planing the perfect outfit to wear!

You can add a bold coat to your look for winter, or even create a statement with your accessories. A scarf, statement necklace or a bold handbag and matching shoe would take any all-black look to the next level!

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