7 Rules Petite Shoppers Should Live By

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7 Rules Petite Shoppers Should Live By

First off, this is not a list of fashion restrictions. I do not believe in limiting my clients’ style evolution! There are rants posted all over the internet on what Petite women should avoid. Layering, horizontal stripes, prints, midi or maxi length skirts and dresses… this restricting list goes on and on.  Balance and fit will almost always transcend these so called “Don’ts”.

Petite fashionistas, I know your out there! And I know what a struggle it can be to find clothes that fit your tiny frame. It is so important to first determine your body shape and then find brands that cater to your figure. Wearing petite sizes will reduce your constant need for alterations. If your wardrobe fits impeccably there is no reason you shouldn’t be strutting down the street wearing the same things as a 5’10” glamizon.



Shoulder Seam

Make sure the top of your sleeve sits right on top of your shoulder bone. You will be able to tell if your blouse is to big if the seem looks like it is drooping down your arm.

Armhole Gapping

While shopping, take full advantage of that full length mirror. Make sure the armholes of your blouses and dresses do not expose your undergarments. Sometimes all you need is just your tailor to take a little nip on the shoulder seam to make your outfit flawless.


I have absolutely no problem with prints on my petite ladies’. I generally recommend you stick to a small motif so you won’t overwhelm your fame. Now, that is not to say that a larger print will look wrong, but you will need to break up the pattern with a waist belt or blazer.


A v-neck or scoop neck will draw the attention up to your face creating an elongating line. Making you look taller and leaner, petite or not, who doesn’t want that!

Skirt and Dress Hem

To create a longer leg line, I would suggest an above-the-knee hemline. But if you are dying to flaunt a trendy midi or maxi length, just make sure the material doesn’t overwhelm you. The material should skim your figure, avoid material that bunches in all the wrong places. The key to wearing a long hemline is to properly define your waistline.


Make sure the seems on the waistline of your dress or skirt hit you on your actual waist. Failing to to do so can make you look disproportionate. It’s a very common issue, and an easy one to fix. Just like with your tops, put your faith in your trusty tailor and they will make sure your dress is perfectly proportionate.


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