How To Feel Comfortable in What You are Wearing

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How To Feel Comfortable in What You are Wearing

Your style should work for you, not against you! That is the point of having a signature style. Your style should mesh perfectly with your body type, personality, and lifestyle. So you better feel comfortable, otherwise, we should revisit your style assessment. Your life is a fluid journey so don’t allow your style to get stuck in a rut!

That being said… sometimes it’s the clothes themselves that are uncomfortable. This could be due to size, material, or design. Sometimes you won’t know until you try the garment on, but it is safe to say if you are uncomfortable just standing in the fitting room an entire day will likely be torture.

What about my ultimate weakness, shiny, new, five-inch stilettos… oh yeah, shoes. I am the first one to admit that I will suffer for a GOOD shoe but sometimes it’s just not worth the pain. Especially during a long, tiring day full of hardcore shopping and closet cleanses with clients. And let me just say, I definitely feel the pressure to look stylish even during aforementioned hardcore client styling sessions.

It is lucky for me that I have a few tricks up my sleeve for staying comfortable and stylish all day long!

Flats, platforms, and slides… oh my! 

There is no shortage of stylish shoes but to find a pair with the elusive combination of sass and comfort can sometimes feel like a rare treat. Thankfully there are so many options to choose from right now. If you are on your feet all day look for a cushioned insole for support. Wear them around the house to break them in before a long day on standing, to brutal blisters.

Tailors… or fashion magicians. 

Many of us have a larger in the bottom or larger on the top body type and we struggle to find things that fit our larger bits and our smaller bits {in my case, my  is bigger than my waist, so things are either way too tight on my hips or really baggy on my waist}

It’s ok to buy a bigger size, remember it’s just a number. Buy the correct size for your the larger part of your body so it fits smoothly and comfortably and tailors the garment to fit your smaller parts! Tailors are incredible, literal magicians! Not only will you feel more comfortable but you’ll have a custom garment.

Light fabrics on warm, high-intensity days!

If you are nervous about overheating and losing you cool by soaking thru your blouse, consider wearing a material that does not show perspiration. Chiffon is an excellent alternative to silk or linen. Silk will betray your sweaty armpits immediately and linen tends to wrinkle and expand in the most unflattering places.  So instead of banishing yourself to the land of black and navy blouses… try chiffon. It is light, breezy and does not change color when wet!

It’s the little things that can make all the difference. Try these fun and easy switches next time your feeling the pressure of an uncomfortable outfit.

xoxo – Trish


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