Golden Style Rule – How to Create a Signature Style

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Golden Style Rule – How to Create a Signature Style

Do you love everything in your closet? Do you even like half of what is in there? If you answer in a resounding NO or are even a little embarrassed to acknowledge the fact that you hate everything in your wardrobe, you’re not alone!

Here it is, the honest truth… it’s not you it’s the clothes! {Mind Blown… not yet? Hold on, I’ll explain}

I know you have heard the hundreds of do’s and don’ts floating around the pretty pages of fashion magazines and the satirical rantings of self-acclaimed Fashion Police. But these hard and fast rules don’t empower us, they actually put us into a teeny tiny box, not willing to try something new for fear of silent judgement and critical stares.

You can know whether you’re a winter or summer color palette, or what fruit to compare your body to, and how to take a look from day to night by swapping out your shoes and purse…

But even following all the rules in the fashion book doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a signature style that feels effortlessly YOU! In fact, all these rules will probably leave you slightly dazed and confused!

Instead of getting lost in the confusing world of fashion do’s and don’ts I encourage you to just follow two simple guidelines every time you get dressed or go shopping:

  1. How does it fit?
  2. How do you Feel?

Clothing is not one style or one size fits all, in fact, you may fluctuate in size from one designer to the next. Remember… it’s not you, it’s the clothes! I promise there is beautiful clothing available for everyBODY. If you focus on the fit of the garment you will finally love what you are wearing!

But the second guideline requires a little more introspection. How do you currently feel? And how do you want to feel?
I ask myself the same questions and they help guide my signature style. My confidence rises with a deeper understanding of who I am and how I want to grow!

Everyday, in every outfit:


That, is how I feel in the ensemble below.

However, it’s not just the heart, it is also the head.

Feeling stylish is about being empowered by the knowledge of what works and why — learning the right fit for not only your body type but also your personality and lifestyle.

Join the Free Style Diary Challenge to assess your current style. I will help you uncover your style struggles and empower you to feel confident in your wardrobe every day! I will teach you how to use style as a tool to get what you want and become the best version of yourself.

If you are ready to love what you see in the mirror, it’s time to get started!

Join a fun community of supportive women! Get personalized feedback throughout your style journey and be able to connect with me from start to finish!

You are not alone. Are you ready to get to know yourself and show the world what you’re made of? Don’t let fear hold you back… we are in this together! Lean into this fun challenge, discover your signature style and grow your confidence in just 7 days!

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