Girl, Stop Fidgeting! What to Not Wear on Video…

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Girl, Stop Fidgeting! What to Not Wear on Video…

Hey girl! I am so excited to be here and chat about what NOT to wear on camera!

Can we just take a minute and talk about all the things we are supposed to be doing as entrepreneurs! The list is endless right… some days I feel like my “I should be doing this” list goes all the way into NEXT year!

I could bet, that showing up more consistently on video is on your list… heck, it’s on mine too! That’s why I wanted to completely demystify your next video shoot!

Video is the best way your ideal clients can get to know you! You’re actually able to get your message across in a way that YOU approve and in a way you know your audience will understand your subtle sarcasm or witty banter!

Captions on Instagram can be compelling and entertaining but nothing connects like you speaking directly to your client on camera! Seemingly, mano a mano…

Plus! We get to see all your cute expressions, silly quirks, hear your voice and inflection… we get to know you better, so much more quickly and so much more clearly!

Your personality and message really shine on video… so I want you to feel like you have got your next video on lock!

I’m serious… no more procrastinating because you’re not sure what to wear or how to even get started! I’m going to break it down for you!

“Style is a way to say who you are without even having to speak!”

First and quite possibly THE most important thing to remember… you have to feel comfortable. Comfortable with your topic, location, and clothing! Because when you’re not comfortable it shows! For all the same reasons, we love video… it will BETRAY you! We’ll see all your nerves… if you’re frazzled on live we’ll see it!

But don’t worry too much because it’s endearing… we get to know the real you! Even though your audience will give you major grace for stumbling through your video… YOU don’t really want all that added pressure, right?!

So make sure you feel comfortable… and I don’t mean that you’re going to feel 100% light about trying something new… because if you are waiting to stop feeling nervous… that day may never come! I don’t want you to put your dreams on hold because you’re letting your nerves get the better of you!

So when I say comfortable, I don’t mean complacent! You are the only one standing in your way of creating a video… filming is easy, imagine you were talking to your best friend or your favorite client! How would you interact with them, where would you meet or hold your very first zoom call, what would you wear? Start there… because feeling comfortable with your message, surroundings, and appearance will translate to amazing confidence on camera!

So then there’s the matter of creating amazing content… I’ve got to let you do your own magical thing there because you are the expert, YOU are the secret sauce in that special equation and you are worthy of all this beautiful growth!

But girl I can help you with the rest! The next thing to focus on while your preparing for your shoot, is the location! Yup, it’s all about location, location, location!
  • Where are you filming? Inside or outside?
  • What are you doing? Sitting or standing?
  • How is the camera set up? Can you see your full body, are you behind a desk or can I see your legs while your sitting?

I know I just rapid fired all these different scenarios but my OH MY does it make a difference for your wardrobe! Let’s just assume you’ll be filming inside…

Your wardrobe can be more casual, you won’t be battling any elements! (Unless your husband insists on setting the thermostat to *freezing* like mine… brrrr!) Filming inside gives you more flexibility to be on brand, to dress in a way that is relevant to your lifestyle, personality, and business!

Let’s avoid any wardrobe malfunctions…

If you decide your more comfortable standing, this is the least risky wardrobe scenario, if you’re standing in place you are not at risk for your clothes moving/shifting with a mind of their own!

Bottom line… You need to listen to your internal compass and figure out how you are going to draw strength and stay grounded in your videos… so if that means sitting on a chair, the ground on standing on a table… do it!

But a word to the wise, if you’re sitting, don’t, I repeat DO NOT wear a short skirt or dress! We are likely to see more than you bargain for! Make sure you can sit comfortably and take deep breaths if you are transitioning from sitting to standing make sure your material isn’t easily wrinkled or too clingy!

That is an important point! Whether you are sitting or standing don’t wear something that is too tight or too loose! That’s right… the fit should be comfortable but fitted! I want to be able to see your silhouette!

If your clothes are too loose, you’ll get lost in the billowy abyss of your garment which is not flattering, not only will it make your body look out of proportion but your head will even look smaller… imagine a reverse bobblehead, yikes!

But in the same stroke,  make sure you avoid too—tight clothes like the plague because you’ll be distracted by the fit the entire time! You’ll be worrying about trying to suck it in, but then forget to breathe and then you’ll lose track of your thought process and have to glance at your notes but then… You’ll lose your place and get flustered and not too mention not being able to comfortably move or sit, you’ll be constantly adjusting your sleeves when you move your arms and be tugging at the waist!

Phew… that’s right, I’ve been there before too! I know we have all felt the annoying pinch of a garment that is too tight, don’t let bad clothes tank your confidence or take focus from the incredible content you are creating!

I want your clothes to be a supporting character in your next video shoot, a highlight real to your vision and personality, don’t let them steal the show because they are too distracting!

The next thing to consider is what you are actually wearing…

Don’t blend into the background! You are the star, so shine baby! Wear a contrasting color to your backdrop so you stand out!  When you’re choosing your backdrop, consider what vibes you want…

  • White and bright backdrops will brighten the entire frame. They will give your clothing a clean and airy feel and liven up your content!
  • Or do you prefer a darker, cozy, more warm aesthetic… it will make your frame richer in color and darken the colors you decide to wear. Enabling a more nurturing aesthetic.

Whatever makes sense to your brand should carry through to your set and wardrobe. Don’t blend in… show up for your content and stand out in your video!

Avoid tiny busy bee patterns… Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of color, texture, and pattern BUT when you are filming some prints tend to give off a weird buzzing optical illusion. It can be totally distracting!

You know that station you’d accidentally turn too as a kid… with the snowy screen and static white noise… THAT is the equivalent of a tiny black and white pattern on camera! Annoying, head-dizzying… and completely focus stealing! Don’t wear tiny black and white stripes, houndstooth or chevron patterns.

Wearing any kind of busy and bold print, embellishment, logo, and graphics, in general, can be tricky! They are not an automatic DON’T for me but I will recommend that the items you wear be true to your personal brand or on point to your specific video otherwise it can date your content!

If you are putting in the time to create noteworthy, evergreen content… you want it to withstand time!

Don’t wear seasonal specific pieces like pastel florals, or super trendy statement necklaces unless you have a business, like mine where you need to stay up to date on current trends

Instead of worrying about season trends, make an effort to refocus on your branding! Stick to classic pieces that will transition from season to season and live a long and engagement rich life!

Speaking of branding, stay on point! If possible, have your specific brand colors represented in the video. Whether you wearing them or they are in the background… they help to present a clear brand aesthetic. A cohesive message that reminds your viewer, who you are, what you do. This enables your ideal clients to experience subconscious triggers that are associated with your content, color, and business! Consistency is king!

I hate to limit your color choices but I did tell you I’d break it all down!
So… I know you’re not going to like it, but avoid wearing black! Unless you have AMAZING lighting and a super high-resolution camera, all the details of your garment are going to get washed out!

It may even make you look older… ahhhh yup that’s right. Darker colors tend to cast shadows on our faces and who wants to worry about THAT while you’re trying to deliver awesome swoon-worthy content!

If you must don black… make sure whatever you’re wearing is fitted so your silhouette doesn’t look frumpy or wider than it really is and make sure you have excellent lighting right in front of your beautiful face to avoid any extra unflattering shadows. Same goes for white and pastels… if you are not careful they can look blown out and not do you any favors on camera! Fit and lighting is always key!

The best and almost foolproof color pallet is jewel tone! They will look stunning on your complexion and brighten and warm your face! So I’m talking navy, teal, eggplant, darker red tones, mustard, emerald… imagine the queens’ jewels… take your pick! And they will look gorgeous in front of any background!

Next up, don’t wear super-shiny objects. No reflective material, like sequins or satin because they will give away the intensity of your lighting. It will not only be distracting for the viewer but it will also give you some unflattering lines… the light will pick up any lump or bump you might be trying to conceal under your shiny top.

Same goes for your glasses… if you are recording while wearing your stylish frames, make sure your light is off to the side… if possible invest in two lights and place them on either side of your face… that will reduce shadows and avoid shine on your glasses!

My biggest pet peeve is loud accessories… please don’t wear accessories that make noise! We will hear EVERY jingle, jangle of your bangles and chandelier earrings… especially if you are wearing a lapel mic! Wear accessories, just make sure they pass the anti-jingle test to keep your audio crisp and clear!

And finally, don’t wear something that doesn’t feel like you! YOU are your own brand, YOU are what we came here for, YOU have a unique perspective and I want to see that come through in your video!

Your wardrobe should be an extension of your personality, lifestyle and goals.

Does what you are wearing relay that message? Your brand style is a way to say who you are, what you stand for, without even having to speak! Visual communication is an important piece to your branding puzzle.

Show up like the true expert you are! Own your role in changing someone’s life, wear clothes that represent your business and values! You brand style says a lot about your business, make sure it’s saying the right thing!

So to quickly recap – the three main things to worry about while filming your next video are…

  • Avoid wearing a distracting wardrobe.
  • Keep it classic to promote evergreen exposure.
  • Stay on brand to show up for your ideal clients in a consistent, cohesive and authentic way!

Thank you so much for joining the conversation!

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