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Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail – Stop Feeling Stressed in the Morning

If you don’t want to be frustrated, stressed out, and shouting, “I have NOTHING to wear” every morning… you should try outfit prepping!

It is a serious time saver and a complete sinch to do. Honestly, it takes less than an hour (faster with practice) and you are set for the week. You have thoughtful, well-planned looks that will carry you through the week. You don’t have to worry about last minute steaming… or digging through the hamper to find your favorite camisole.

Chances are, you have a bit of a routine. Am I right? Most of us do, we are creatures of habit… but in this case, we can use that to our advantage and actually step out of our self-imposed style rut!

Don’t let yourself grab the same old pair of baggy trousers, just because you know they’ll work. Use this opportunity to shake things up, people will notice! And you’ll feel incredible, I promise!

Plan everything down to shoes and accessories so nothing will stand in your way of a blissful morning.

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