Three Ways to Wear: Satin Bomber Jackets

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Three Ways to Wear: Satin Bomber Jackets

This trendy item is a great wardrobe basic to keep around! It can easily replace a sweater or cardigan, just throw it over a tank top and a pair of jeans for a more relaxed look. It can take the place of your trusty blazer. Satin bombers have become increasingly more available at all our favorite retail stores. I suggest investing in a black or neutral color to enhance wearability.

trish-taylor-satin-bomber-and-sneakers-full Satin Bomber // Denim  // Sneakers

Don’t be afraid to sass up your “go to” jeans and tee shirt look. The satin bomber and distressed denim add an edgy element to this combination.

trish-taylor-lace-cai-and-satin-bomber Satin Bomber // Blouse // Cigarette Slacks // Shoes

Play with textures! Add lace, velvet or sequins to pump up the visual interest. We’ve had some unusually chilly days for Southern California and it makes it tricky to stay warm on date night. A satin Bomber is  great addition to any evening look.

trish-taylor-satin-cami  Satin Bomber // Denim

Zip it up and treat it like a satin blouse. This is a great athleisure look. Wear it with joggers or skinny jeans for great versatility.





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