Three Ways to Wear: Pajama Style Shirts

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Three Ways to Wear: Pajama Style Shirts

Are you sick and tired of your boring button-up blouses? Well, this fun wave of pajama-style tops are sure to brighten up your work attire! What is more comfortable than pajamas…literally nothing…and now they are deemed stylish! Sign. Me. Up!

Think of styling them just like any other chiffon blouse. They will coordinate with all the same things but the cool piping details, embroidery and patterns will give any old pair of trousers a trendy fashion infusion. I guarantee every time you look at your reflection you’ll smile! They are just too fun to resist.


These shirts don’t only qualify as work clothes, you can pair them with some sexy jeans, unbutton that top button and head out for a night on the town. This overtly sexy blouse is great for dinner and drinks. You’ll definitely have ’em wanting more!


Why not, go Pajama all the way. Satin or velvet trousers are all the rage. This is a winning combination of style and sophistication. You can always add a waist belt or a blazer for an  extra skosh polish.


Wear them with a skirt. Tucking in a flowy blouse can create a more proportionate silhouette. Tucking your blouse also makes your attire slightly more formal and appropriate for a work setting. I always suggest a healthy balance of creative and conservative for an appropriate “on the job” balance.



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