Three Ways to Wear : Leather Leggings

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Three Ways to Wear : Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a staple in my closet but they can be a little intimidating. There is definite uncertainty on how to style them.

Some of us are nervous to put on our first pair of leather leggings. Are you wondering if they too rock-in-roll? Are they too shinny? Am I too old? No, no and NO! Just treat them like a pair of black skinny jeans. They come in all different styles, and they are guaranteed to be not only more stylish than your basic black skinny jeans but more comfortable too.

You can find a pair of leather leggings for every occasion. I have on a really basic pair in these photos to show versatility but some are more matt, some have pockets and zipper details making them easy to transition from day to night. I’ll show you three different ways to wear leather leggings and how to get endless compliments below.

oversized-sweater-leather-leggings Sweater // Leather Leggings // Slip-On Shoes

Keep it casual. Incorporate them into your weekend wear. Wear them to brunch or while running errands on a Saturday afternoon. You can dress them up or down, it is completely acceptable to wear leather leggings casually. Just pair them with a loose, cozy top or add layers to balance out the more sassy leggings.

gray-vest-leather-leggings-white-blouse Vest // Blouse // Leather Leggings // High-Heels

Wear them to work. Depending on your office environment, I suggest toning them down just a bit. Wear more classic pieces to juxtapose the sexy factor. I often pair my leather leggings with a longer vest or a boyfriend blazer that extends past my backside. This keeps the focus on your on your entire stylish ensemble instead of drawing inappropriate attention at the workplace.

white-capelet-leather-leggings-and-silk-blouse Caplet// Camisole // Leather Leggings // High-Heels

Dress them up! Wear them to a cocktail party or out on the town. Don’t be afraid to mix other textures and fabrics with leather. Almost, anything goes! I have paired them with a silk camisole and added a white caplet for a more sophisticated minimalist approach. The only think I would steer clear of, is adding more leather to the mix, unless you are going for a Cat Woman look. Have fun with these leggings, be confident and love your style!





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