Three Ways to Wear : Distressed Denim

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Three Ways to Wear : Distressed Denim

It is easy enough to throw on a cute T-shirt with your favorite distressed jeans but what if you want to dress them up? Unsure how to make your tattered jeans look polished? No problem, here are a few ways to easily transition your casual denim into a stylish outfit for any occasion.

distressed-denim-and-white-blouse-detail Denim // Blouse

Pair these edgy jeans with a classic white blouse. Add feminine details like this ruffle blouse or patterned shoes to take the edge off of your denim.

distressed-denim-and-oatmeal-sweater Denim // Sweater // Shoes // Jewelry

Go casual with these fun sneakers and a neutral sweater. This sweater is a winter staple. So versatile, it can be worn with denim, trousers and skirts. This is a great substitute for a T-shirt…just as easy to throw on and adds a little class. Pair this basic sweater with a statement necklace and you instantly dress it up!

distressed-denim-and-lack-shirt-outfit Denim // Blouse // Shoes

Lastly, wear all black. This is a great look for a night out on the town. The monochromatic trend is easy to do, but make sure to break the solid color with details like a waist belt, scarf or blazer. In this look, the arms of my shirt are shear and there is a bow detail that helps to draw the eye up towards my face and creates an elegant silhouette.


Flower shoes.jpg

distressed denim and pearl necklace.jpg


Happy Dressing!

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