Three Ways to Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

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Three Ways to Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

These are quit possibly my most versatile pair of jeans. If you have not already invested in a pair of boyfriend jeans… make sure to put them on your list! No matter how you wear this androgynous wardrobe staple the effects will make you feel effortlessly stylish.

We can all achieve that whole model-off-duty vibe with these jeans and they will have you strutting through your whole day.

boyfriend-jeans-and-sild-blouse Blouse // Similar – Duster // Boyfriend Jeans // Heals

Boyfriend jeans can take a bit of a masculine turn, after all, they’re literally named after the special man in your life!  You can easily add a little femininity to your look with a really great pair of high heels. To dress up these casual jeans pair them with a silk blouse and throw on a classic blazer or a soft cashmere duster to complete your look.

stripes Blouse // Necklace // Boyfriend Jeans // Similar – Oxford Shoes

Boyfriend jeans can give you the opportunity to play around with your style. Try a mens wear inspired approach. This is my favorite way to run around town. So why not try this unique approach with me. Wear a classic button up and a dazzling pair of oxfords, I guarantee you’ll turn heads.

leather-cap-and-boyfriend-jeans Sweatshirt // Hat // Boyfriend Jeans // Shoes

On  your day off ditch your leggings and trade up to boyfriend jeans. Add some visual interest to your look. You’ll look great on the go. The little things keep you looking polished, clean sneakers and a stylish hat can take your look to the next level.






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