Three Ways to Wear: A Scarf

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Three Ways to Wear: A Scarf

Do you ever get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to tie a scarf…well your not alone? There are about a million ways to look chic and stay warm with this fun winter accessory. A scarf can add instant personality to your ensemble, so I have put together three of my favorite ways to wear a scarf, to help you get through the winter with a little less stress in the morning.

Option #1 – Chic and Effortless


Step One: Find the corner edges of the scarf.

Step Two: Fold your scarf in half (hamburger style).

Step Three: Find the two opposite corners and bring them to cross behind your neck. The ends will lay flat on your shoulders.

Option #2 – Updated Braid


This is a little more convoluted…buts its worth it!

Step One: Grab a portion of the scarf with both hands.

Step Two: With the scarf in hand, guide the ends of the scarf over your shoulders.

Step Three: Criss-cross the ends of the scarf behind your neck and bring the ends back over your shoulders.

*** You can stop here. By now you have created a relaxed scarf tie. But if you feel like you would like to have a bit more security to shield you from the elements continue onto step four for some added warmth.

Step Four: Take the loop around your neck and create a figure eight with the material.

Step  Five: Push your right hand through the bottom half of the figure eight you created. Grab the tail end of the scarf and bring it through the loop.

Step Six: Repeat on the opposite side. Use your left hand to bring the tail end of your scarf through the middle loop.

Step Seven: Adjust and enjoy!

Option #3 – Elegant Pull-Through


This is the easiest of the ties and one of the most beautiful. It can be done with almost every size, shape and fabric scarf you choose.

Step One: Create a large loop with your scarf by holding both ends of the scarf together in one hand.

Step Two: Bring this large loop around your neck and feed both ends of the scarf through the center.

Step Three: Adjust length and tightness around the neck.

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