3 Style Tips to Flatter Every Body Type

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3 Style Tips to Flatter Every Body Type

No matter your body type, personal style or daily life… these 3 styling tips, are rules to live by!

These three rules create an easy style formula to follow…

The goal is to create a proportionate silhouette. Following these simple tricks will make you feel – taller, leaner, more polished and like a total stylista without even breaking a sweat!

Rules to get dressed by:

1. Highlight your waist (at your belly button or right under your bust). Drawing focus to the smallest part of your figure will create an hourglass silhouette… making you appear perfectly proportionate.

2. Incorporate a “V” into your outfit. Whether that be an actual V-neck blouse or a long necklace. This will lengthen your figure, draw attention to your beautiful, smiling face AND highlight your waist!

3. Wear outerwear! Not only is a vest, blazer, duster, kimono (the list is endless…) a great way to add an infusion of style and sass to an outfit but it is extremely flattering as well. Layering a garment allows the eye to focus on the space between the open edges. This creates an ultra slimming effect!

You’ll be leaving the Spanx in the drawer after seeing just how beautiful your body naturally is… you just need to know how to dress it! The goal is always to feel confident, stylish and comfortable! 

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