Style is a way to say who you are without even having to speak!

Hello! I’m Trish Taylor.


I have personal styling superpowers, and am a total shop-a-holic. I’m obsessed with teaching women how to finally love what they see in the mirror!

As an intuitive style coach, blogger and dog mom my favorite days are spent snuggled up with my fur baby, online shopping and creating wardrobe bliss for my clients.

I wasn’t always a confident style maven: the clients, the shopping, the connections and community I’ve build with incredible girl bosses… in fact, when I started out I was just a very shy, slightly insecure, small town girl, chasing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with dreams of styling celebrities for the red carpet. 

But, it was like I had blinders on… MUST. MEET. KIM KARDASHIAN. (If you’re rolling your eyes, remember that Reality TV was brand new and Kim K was a total novelty, but if I’m being honest with you… I still catch an occasional episode) I obviously wasn’t as in tune with my purpose as I am today. I was styling celebrities like, Ariana Grande, Kerry Washington and Zendaya…. THIS is what I thought I was meant to do! I had made it!  

I styled them for red-carpet premieres, music videos and late night TV interviews… yes they alllll have a stylist behind the scenes making them look like pure perfection… so don’t feel intimidated by them, because now you know all the secrets! After working with these A-list powerhouses, I realized, they all had the same concerns with their body image, brand awareness and confidence as the rest of us mere mortals ;)! 

I realized that people could benefit from a holistic approach to self-care and so my brain started clicking and I was beginning to carve out a path to becoming the intuitive stylist I am today!

Working with inspired business women, just like YOU!  Making women feel, own, and celebrate their enough-ness and feel confident in the body that they have right now! I couldn't feel luckier to get to play the role of confidant, coach and stylist to such incredible women.

I have always used style as a tool, to create self confidence and project the image that I wanted the world to see…  with my unique background I knew I could teach other women how to own their worth and show up in an authentic and meaningful way!

I work with talented entrepreneurs and experts in their field that struggle with finding clothing that fits their body type and can’t figure out how to find clothes that “feel like me”.  They desire a no fuss, zero-time wasted, versatile wardrobe… and I design a signature style that seamlessly integrates with their personality, brand mission and their unique lifestyle!


My Philosophy

I am a huge believer that if something doesn't serve you or make you happy then it’s time to let go of it! My goal is for women to love what they see in the mirror and learn how to use style as a tool of transformation and communication. When your outward appearance is aligned with you personal goals, desires and personality… YOU are unstoppable!!

We all struggle with feelings of comparison and self-criticism. I want you to stop looking outside of yourself for approval and realize that  you are enough, just as you are, right now!


Confidence is the best accessory… but woman, that has to start from within! I have an inclusive personal styling approach, I want you to feel comfortable and confident, every single day. In order for you to look and feel your absolute best, I will get to know you personality, body type and personality before we even start shopping!

Instead of looking for the seasonal trends, or letting the store dictate what you should be wearing… let’s flip the switch and discover your signature style together. When we put in the style discovery work in the beginning, you’ll not only end up with a wardrobe you love, but one that feels like you too!


Discover your style goals and commit to only wearing clothes you love!